Speech Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy is the treatment of speech and language disorders in people of any age. Speech disorders that children are often diagnosed with are articulation disorders, fluency disorders, resonance disorders, dysphagia/oral feeding disorders.
At Pathfinder, our Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s) focus on both receptive language, or the ability to understand words spoken to you, and expressive language, or the ability to use words to express yourself and work with the mechanics of producing words, such as articulation, pitch, fluency, and volume.

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Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy is the treatment of disorders, functional limitations and movements that prohibit a child from performing their normal day to day activities. Physical therapy generally involves pursuing developmental milestones that have been delayed for any number of reasons.

At Pathfinder, our Physical Therapists (PT’s) specialize in the treatment; and management of a variety of congenital, developmental, neuromuscular, skeletal, and disorders.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is the treatment of physical and developmental issues that interrupt the normal management of everyday activities. Pediatric Occupational Therapy targets skills that are needed for coordination, performance, and school readiness.

Our Occupational Therapists (OT’s) are trained to assist children with their individual physical and developmental issues. OT’s will work with your child teaching them how to manage their everyday activities on their own.

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Medical Supply (DME)

Pathfinder Pediatric Home Care understands the importance of all children and especially those with special physical needs receiving the proper type and proper amount of nutrition. Our motto of “Nurturing through Nutrition” reflects our commitment to providing the nutritional products and support that these children and their parents need.​ Not every child is born with the ability to consume a healthy diet in the usual manner. Food allergies, physical problems, developmental disabilities and other conditions prevent many children from getting the nutrition they need for growing and thriving.

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Private Duty Nursing

Our highly skilled team of Private Duty Nurses provide a plan of care for children with all forms of medical complexities. This type of skilled nursing ensures long term personal care for your child from the comfort of their own home. With Pathfinder Pediatric Home Care’s team of specialists, medically fragile children receive care through all forms of high-quality services.

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