therapy services


The staff at Pathfinder Pediatrics appreciates that every child is unique. Each one has their own unique personality, sense of style, and set of needs. That is why our therapists offer specialized speech, occupational and physical therapy services that are tailored to fit the specific needs of every one of our children.

At Pathfinder, we recognize that it is essential for our therapists to be given the tools necessary to assist in customizing a specialty program designed to meet the needs of each child. Our goal is to continue to offer quality support that will give parents hope and children the independence they deserve.

These therapy services we provide at Pathfinder Pediatric Home Care; pediatric physical therapy, pediatric occupational therapy, pediatric speech therapy are all for the child’s great benefit. We offer these therapy services with finest therapists available. Well qualified & caring therapists who have only one priority – your child’s well being and progress in their therapy.